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Consuming structured water from Informed Water Bottle will optimize your metabolism and leave your body with extra energy for other vital processes.

Our body needs naturally structured water, because only in such state the water facilitates the transport of nutrients inside the cells and penetrates without difficulty in to the intracellular spaces. When our body does not get »alive« (properly informed) water it has to process i.e. revitalize and revive the water it has available. To do this it uses energy, which would otherwise be used for self-healing, homeostasis and for maintaining balance with the environment. All this weakens the resistance of the organism and potentially leads to illness. Based on extensive research scientists have discovered human body improves performance capabilities and decreases recovery time by 15% and more, due to effects of revitalized water.

Informed Water Bottle Products

Our informed products are backed by 30 years of research & innovation and were developed by a team of world class inventors, who received over 90 international awards & recognitions for their exceptional achievements.

Berlin institute of Electrophotonics

Scientists at the "Institut fur Elektrophotonik" (Berlin) carried out extensive GDV (gas discharge visualization) tests employing Kirilian camera. Tests have shown a substantial increase in human bio-field after drinking water from Informed water bottle, compared to drinking water from a regular glass bottle, Click here to view the certificate they awarded.

There are a number of simple tests you can do at home which provide further evidence of the benefits of using the Informed Water Bottle.

The 6-day Apple Test Click here to view the results of this test.

The Sunflower Test, in which two sunflowers we placed in the same environment, with the same quantity of water, one in an informed water bottle and one in a normal bottle. See the result which shows the level of deterioration on both flowers after 6 days. Try this yourself!

Technology Poznik (Poznik TP)

The technology employed for informing Informed Water Bottle products (Poznik TP) is a combination of several scientific processes, capable of influencing the networks of joined up molecules in various matter (water, glass, plastic, metal etc.) by means of information or code.

Developed by the Award Winning Scientist and Researcher Dr. Poznik and his team we are able to restructure and encode any water based liquid, returning it to it’s optimal living state a process that is proven to have a positive impact on health, consciousness and full body wellbeing.

Through the precise application of Poznik TP we can select, amplify and imprint specific energy information (vibrations) in to objects of our choice. Information is imprinted in numbers, where each number contains hundreds of sets of information. The final result is a combination of several thousands of carefully selected sets of information (positive vibrations), such as pranas, mantras, music, thoughts, prayers, light, numbers, colours etc., all supporting one another and working in complete harmony.

Sets of information including The Rig Veda, Athur Veda, William Blake Love Poems, Beethoven’s Symphony 7 Movement 2; known for its healing energy not to mention words such as Peace, Love, Healing, Energy, Vitality and Bliss have been accumulated through continuous research and over a period of several decades.

Making the silicone tag on the Informed Water Bottle one of the largest databases of such information in the world.

During production both the bottle and the silicone tags are blasted with Orgone energy whilst simultaneously being exposed to Gemstone Therapy. You can view a brief video of the process here

The encoding process involves strict procedures and testing unique to Dr. Poznik and his team, which ultimately enables the bottle to effortlessly and magically restructure any water based liquid and super charge it with high frequency energy which is in turn proven to benefit the human body.

Prior to completion and before any product is released for use; each product is awarded a unique certificate of quality.

Feel The Difference

When you drink water or any other water based liquid from the Informed Water Bottle you will quite literally feel the difference, as a surge of energy rushes through your body, and let’s not forget the taste, you’ll immediately notice Informed Water has a lighter, sweeter taste, which relieves thirst quicker and without the bloating you often experience drinking other water.

In as little as a week to fourteen days of drinking regularly from an Informed Water Bottle you will notice a profound sense of health and well being as your body and mind receive more of the vital energy it requires to function optimally.

This is a reminder that water is the oldest hard drive in the world and can be encoded with data to transform our lives.

You can read more about the history of water as a conduit of positive thoughts and energy from Award Winning Scientist Dr. Masuru Emoto’s research and studies here

With a growing following of raving fans across the globe, all proud owners of this fashionably designed yet incredibly powerful new water bottle the results speak for themselves.

Scientific history

Informed Water Bottle principles are supported by the work and research of world renowned pioneers in the field of science, such as Dr. Korotkov, Dr. Voikov, Dr. Pop and Masaru Emoto, as well as their predecessors dr. Samuel Hahnemann, dr. Wilhelm Reich and Viktor Schauberger.
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"I have always preferred water from a glass bottle rather than a plastic one, as I am concerned about chemicals leaking from the plastic into me. When I heard about the Informed Water Bottle bottle I was intrigued, all the more by the incredible claims. Quite simply I did the " apple test " and sure enough the apple in the standard glass withered and decayed yet the Informed Water Bottle remained preserved and fresh. I am sure we will see this very new yet eclectic technology in many places in the home in the future. In the meantime in the struggle we constantly face to reduce the level of toxins we ingest, switching from your plastic water bottle you take to the gym to the Informed glass bottle could potentially have as important health benefits as going to the gym itself!"

Julian M. Winer, Bsc(Ost) D.O., Winer Clinics, London