Informed Water Bottle is a healthy, fashionable and informed-by-nature water tool,
designed to provide modern athletes with direct and simple access to quality
informed drinking water.
• 30 years of research • over 90 international awards
Resistant cap is made of food grade material, contains no
BPA phthalates or PVC, hence offering a totally safe access to drinking
directly from the glass. Informed Water bottles come with a wide mouth opening,
allowing easy filling for ice cubes, fruit slices, tea bags and other flavorings.
Wide mouth opening also makes for easier cleaning.
Contains several thousand of carefully selected sets of information
(positive vibrations), such as pranas, mantras, music, thoughts,
prayers, light, numbers, colours etc., which help water to restructure
and replenish its repairing, healing and body-energising capabilities.
Coloured rubber bands are designed to implement the many
benefits of color therapy. Rubber bands will be available in
different chakra colors*: White, red, orange, yellow, green, blue,
indigo, violet. Human body is composed of different colors,
hence lack of any color gives rise to disease.
  • About

    Quality informed drinking water

  • Cap Design

    Safe access to drinking directly from the bottle

  • Informed Tag

    Contains several thousands of useful information

  • Colour Therapy

    Available in different chakra colours

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"If it wasn't for Poznik TP and informed water, I wouldn't be alive today!" - Martin Strel "Guinness World Record holder for swimming the entire lenght of the Amazon river, 5268 km (3274 miles).